China factory Best Hydraulic Scrap Shear for Excavator

China factory Best Hydraulic Scrap Shear for Excavator

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HMB Hydraulic shear supports multifunctional customization. You can use HMB hydraulic demolition shear to do the demolition work such as crushing and separation of reinforced concrete, dismantling scrapped vehicles, cutting iron beams of building structure and so on.

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Ⅰ. Hydraulic shear Technical Parameters

HMB hydraulic shear specification
Model Unit HMB200 HMB400 HMB600 HMB800
Height mm 2050 2380 2600 2700
Width mm 1175 1370 1600 1700
Max. opening width mm 500 540 660 801
Max Power Ton 138 171 330 387
Oil Flow L/Min 200-250 200-250 240-280 300-320
Pressure Bar 300 300 320 320
Weight Kg 1413 2200 2977 4052
Carrier Ton 15-20 20-30 30-40 40-55

Please tell us the basic information of your excavator, we are very happy to choose the right Hydraulic shear for you.

Ⅱ. HMB hydraulic shear classify

 Double cylinders hydrualic shear(scrap steel hydraulic gear, concrete hydrualic gear)

 hydraulic shear for machine rotation

 Single cylinder hydraulic shear

 Vehicle scrapping shear

 Scrap shear

Ⅲ. HMB Hydraulic shear Main Features

 Hardox 400 high-strength steel and double-layer wear protection of the blade can ensure its wear resistance and service life.

 The powerful hydraulic cylinder enhances the jaw closing force.

 360 degree continuous rotation allows perfect positioning of shears..

 multifunctional customization

 Speed Valve: Speed Valve reduces cycle time

 Jaw and Tooth: Use high strength steel, wide jaw opening

Ⅳ. Applications


 1.Manufacturing Plant

 2.Energy & Mining

 Construction works

Ⅴ. Advantages

- Separating reinforcing steel bar or wire from concrete block, bending and cutting off

- Ideal for big, hard, or heavily reinforced pieces

- Suitable for both primary and secondary demolition tasks.

1) Equipped with heavily reinforced up and down blades on the opening ,the hydraulic cutter can crush and cut at the same time, crushing by crushing points made of the alloy steel and cutting off by the blades

2) Large opening design,working easily and conveniently

3) Hydraulic oil cylinder is equipped with a protective cover to avoid the concrete and steel debris to splash

4) Fully mechanized work with the big oil cylinder, safety and saving time,work efficiency is two or three times than hydraulic breaker

5) Low noise, no vibration, meeting the requirements of environmental protection, which are suitable for the city demolition project.

Ⅵ. Why choose us ?


Ⅶ. Raw materials

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Ⅷ. Equipment

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Ⅸ. Exhibition show


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