CE Certificated Hydraulic orange peel grab scrap grapple for excavators

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HMB provides a large range of hydraulic grabs, they are specialized in loading, unloading and handling of scrap metal, stone, pipe, wood, etc.

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HMB ATG type hydraulic grabs have large opening jaws, well grab design and power for log, rock work and general grab duties. We have full grabs models to meet customers’ different digger requirements.

CE Certificated Hydraulic1
CE Certificated Hydraulic2
CE Certificated Hydraulic3
CE Certificated Hydraulic4
CE Certificated Hydraulic5
CE Certificated Hydraulic6

Ⅰ. ATG type Grabs Main Features:

1). Multi-functional and easy to operate;

2). Easy installation 

Ⅱ. ATG type Grabs Application

the handling of rubble, waste, wood, and stones.

hy (1)

Log-stone grapple

hy (2)

Orange peel grapple

hy (3)

Orange peel grapple

Ⅲ. How to choose right grapple for your excavator?

1. Make sure of the weight of your carrier.

2. Make sure of the oil flow of your excavator.

3. Make sure of the wood or stone which you want to carry.

Ⅳ. Why choose us ?


Ⅴ. Raw materials

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factory (2)
factory (3)
factory (4)
factory (5)
factory (6)

Ⅵ. Equipment

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Ⅶ. Exhibition show


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