High Efficiency Hydraulic Pulverizer Attachment For Excavator

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Hydraulic pulverizer is designed for crushing of reinforced concrete, and is widely used in demolition of building, factory beams and columns; crushing and recycling of reinforced concrete.

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HMB Hydraulic pulverizer is designed for first and secondary crushing and recycling of steel and reinforced concrete, and is widely used in demolition of building, factory beams and columns.It can be used for construction waste crushing, demolition of concrete, and the jaws are made of braided plates. The wedges are strong and the jaws are imported. The blade can cut the steel in the concrete, and the jaws are designed with a crocodile mouth jaw to increase the crushing efficiency.

1. Connect the pin hole of the hydraulic smashing pliers to the pin hole of the front end of the excavator;

2.  After the installation is completed, the crushing concrete block can be operated.

3.Connect the pipeline on the excavator with the hydraulic crusher

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Ⅰ. Hydraulic pulverizer Parameters

Please refer to the table to select the appropriate Hydraulic pulverizer model.

Model Unit HMB400 HMB600 HMB800 HMB1000 HMB1700
Total length mm 1642 1895 2168 2218 3150
Total width mm 1006 1275 1376 1598 2100
Blade length mm 120 150 180 200 240
Max Opening Height mm 587 718 890 1029 1400
Upper Jaw Width mm 215 280 290 380 400
Lower Jaw Width mm 458 586 588 720 812
Max Shear Force kn 380 650 1650 2250 2503
Working Pressure Bar 280 320 320 320 320
Weight kg 670 1350 1750 2750 4709
For Excavator Weight ton 6-9 10-15 18-26 26-30 50-80

Tell us the brand and model of your excavator, We are very willing  to help you to select the right Hydraulic Pulverizer for excavators.

Ⅱ. HMB Hydraulic pulverizer Main Features

1.Special jaw teeth design and double layer wear protection system.

2.Hardox400 make it high wear resistance and demolition force.

3.Rotation and non-rotation can be choose

4.Easy installation structure makes the construction process simple and easy.

Ⅲ. Why choose us ?

1 . Made of new type special high strength

material with light weight , high wear

resistance and high operating flexibility

2 . To choose from a variety of cut tooth , large opening design better shear force than other existing shear .

3 . Lightweight and flexible features was the first choice for the removal in narrow space or work in small construction

4 . Can be work for demolition concrete and steel structures removed through replace cutter , enlarge the scope of working and superior work efficiency.


Ⅳ. Raw materials

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Ⅴ. Equipment

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