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HMB excavator ripper can break up frozen earth, decomposed rock and land waste.

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HMB excavator ripper can break up frozen earth, decomposed rock and land waste.HMB excavator ripper is suitable for most brands and models of excavators:

Ⅰ. Excavator ripper technical Parameters

Please refer to the table to select the appropriate excavator ripper model.

HMB Ripper specification
Model Unit HMB600 HMB800 HMB1000 HMB1400 HMB1700
A mm 1150 1200 1450 1550 1650
B mm 270 400 420 450 580
C mm 550 665 735 820 980
D mm 390 510 600 650 760
E mm 265 335 420 470 580
F mm 65 90 90 110 110
Weight Kg 300-400 550-650 600-700 700-850 800-1000
Carrier Ton 12-15 20-25 25-30 30-45 45-90

Ⅱ. Main features of HMB excavator ripper

• High strength steel plate, hign strength tooth

• Strong digging and penetration force

• Suitable for different construction environment

Ⅲ. Excavator ripper Application

Excavator Ripper is an indispensable power tool in the field of modern construction. It is suitable for working in a variety of harsh environments. It can quickly crush soil and improve work efficiency.

Ⅳ. How to check if a ripper is suitable for your excavator or not?

HMB Excavator ripper is a commonly used excavator attachment.  When you decide to buy a HMB ripper, you should  provide relevant excavator bucket  data,  which includes:

A. Pin diameter. The diameter of the ripper pin should be the same as the diameter of your excavator bucket pin.

B. Center distance. The ripper center distance should be close to the excavator bucket center distance, usually no more than 50mm difference.

C. Dipper width. This ripper dipper width  should be the same with or little bigger than your excavator bucket dipper width, otherwise the ripper may  not be installed successfully.

Ⅴ. Why choose us?

1. China's top excavator ripper manufacturer, we have our own factory and 12 years of production experience.

2. we have 10 technical experts and more than 100 skilled workers.

3. There is a dedicated QC team, the quality follows strict international standards, and has passed CE certification.


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