China manufacture excavator wood Log Grapple rock grapple

China manufacture excavator wood Log Grapple rock grapple

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360 degree hydraulic rotation log grapple makes it more flexible grabbing effect.The two-way overflow valve and the tow-way balance valve of the motor can protect it from the impact of hydraulic pressure.

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Ⅰ. Hydraulic Log grapple Parameters

HMB hydraulic grapple specification
Model Unit HMB200 HMB400 HMB600 HMB800 HMB1000 HMB1700
Max jae opening mm 1300 1400 1800 2300 2500 2500
oil pressure bar 110-140 120-160 150-170 160-180 160-180 180-200
Oil Flow lpm 30-55 50-100 90-110 100-140 130-170 200-250
max cylinder force ton 4.0*2 4.5*2 8.0*2 9.7*2 12*2 12*2
weight kg 320 390 740 1380 1700 1900
Carrier Ton 4-6 7-11 12-16 17-23 24-30 31-40

Ⅱ. Hydraulic Log grapple Main Features


1) Driven by M+S motor with brake valve, cylinder with USA safety valve.

2)Unlimited 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise rotation,operator can control the rotating speed.

3) The built-in balancing valve of oil cylider has better impact resistance , and can makes it operate smoothly.

4) Durable material make it more stablity and durability.

Ⅲ. Hydraulic Log grapple Application

The high lifting capacity and clamping force of these timber grabs are important tools for collecting and processing logs, branches and railway sleepers.


Log-stone grapple


excavator rock grapple


hydraulic rock grapple

Ⅳ. Advantages of  Hydraulic Log grapple for excavator

As one of the top Hydraulic Log grapple manufacturers in China, Jiwei has a full range of excavator grabs ranging from 4 to 40 tons, which are suitable for various brands and models of excavators.

●One year warranty, free replacement for 6 months;

●Q345B material body adopts solenoid valve made in the United States;

●German original oil seals and joints;

Ⅴ. Why choose our Hydraulic Log grapple ?


1. we have our own factory and more than 12 producing experience.

2. Made of top quality high-strength steel plate. It is easy to install and easy to use.

3. There is a dedicated QC team, the quality follows strict international standards, and has passed CE certification.

4. Good quality, fast delivery, reasonable price and excellent after-sale service.

5. Support OEM/customized service.

6 .competitive price.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time please .

Ⅶ. Exhibition show


Exponor chile


shanghai bauma


India bauma


Dubai exhibition

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