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HMB excavator buckets item includes digging bucket, rock bucket, clamshell and tilt bucket which are customized to fit your machine and to meet your projects requirements.

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If you want an excavator to lift a large amount of heavy objects, you need all kinds of buckets to help load the objects.

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Tilt Bucket

Tilting bucket can change the angle of the bucket without changing the position of the excavator to operate, thus reduce the wear loss and oil cost and improves the work efficiency.

ex (2)

Clamshell Bucket

clamshell bucket adopts hydraulic power, has powerful power, flexible operation, high reliability and high stability, which greatly improves the working efficiency

ex (3)


Apply to light operation task, such as digging and loading hard soil or stones nixed with the soft soil.

ex (4)

Rock Bucket

Suitable for digging earth with hard rock, it also can do heavy work, such as digging and loading solid rock

Ⅰ. Parameters

Please refer to the table to select the appropriate Excavator bucket model.

Model Bucket width (mm) Hydraulic cylinder (piece) Tilt degree Bucket weight(Kg)
35 1066 2 +-45 280
50 1066 2 +-45 300
80 1066 2 +-45 350
120 1524 2 +-45 400
138 1524 2 +-45 430
160 1524 2 +-45 480
200 1828 2 +-45 600

Ⅱ. Application

1.Tilt cleaning.


3-Handling soft material

Ⅲ. How to choose right bucket?

Please tell us the following questions:

1.The brand and size of your excavator?

2.The type which you want?

3.The arm width, pin size and the pin center to center.

Ⅳ. Why choose us ?

1. Materials: Q345B+NM360,400+other brands standard wearing materials

2. Features: Large bucket capacity, and large open area,large stowing surface,smooth connection with excavator and durable working performance.

3. Certifications: CE certification.

4. Production quality testing: hardness testing,welding quality inspection,dimensional inspection and visual inspection etc.

5. Competitive products: good quality with reasonable price.

6. Strong wear resistance and long life span, can be used in harsh environment and serious abrasion.

7. Professional: our factory has over 12 years working experience in casting and forging process and manufacture.


Ⅴ. Raw materials

factory (1)
factory (2)
factory (3)
factory (4)
factory (5)
factory (6)

Ⅵ. Equipment

factory (7)
factory (8)
factory (9)
factory (10)
factory (11)
factory (12)

Ⅶ. Exhibition show


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