What is a Grab thumb bucket ?

Grab bucket, named clamp bucket, thumb bucket, with build-in hydraulic thumb, As one of the leading hydraulic thumb bucket manufacturers in China, HMB has a full range of thumb buckets for excavators from 1.5-50 tons. They are suitable for all kinds of brands and models of excavators, high repurchasing rate in Australia and New Zealand market.


hydraulic Thumb Bucket uses a thumb to help your excavator for various material handling applications, such as handling rocks, brushes, tree stumps, pipes, and other hard-to-maneuver materials.Main application is for grabbing and moving in the full crowding range, for all landscaping, demolition, pipe handling, land clearing and land development projects, scrap dealing, tree stumps handling, stone grabbing, etc, thumb can be fully utilized to pick up large heavy objects.


Multi grab bucket, 2 types available, fixed type, rotating type, it is consist of bucket and thumb, grab, or tines, by opening and closing to pick up the objects, to grab wood, stone, steel materials, grass, etc, high efficiency with good performance.

Main Advantages of HMB Thumb Bucket:

●Raw materials for bucket and thumb are made of wear-resistance steel plate NM500, more durable and with long service life. Side reinforce plated is added, with side teeth to hold the objects and materials firmly, large open size can hold more materials. With 5pcs bucket teeth, replaceable bucket teeth, to reduce downtime.

●High quality cylinder has powerful force output, with large grab capacity. And there is imported check valve on the cylinder, ensure grab bucket to grab the materials safety when hydraulic line is damage.

●Excavator pin data is needed when order, pls kindly suggest the pin diameter, arm width, the distance from pin center to pin center, all our pins are with high quality, heat-treated, hardening and tempering, just fit your excavator rightly, also with anti-rust oil, bushes are removable, can fit your excavator rightly.

For rotating grab clamp thumb bucket, clockwise & anti-clockwise 360 degree rotation, 2pcs hydraulic hoses or 5pcs hydraulic hoses type available, custom made available, HMB engineers have much more experience for designing, just send us your demands, pictures, or drawing, we will give you the best solution with good factory price.

HMB excavator attachment whatsapp:+8613255531097,welcome to your inqury !!!

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