• What Is A Hydraulic Breaker Best Used For?
    Post time: Nov-03-2022

    A lot of work is accomplished on a construction site ranging from demolition to site preparation. Among all the heavy equipment used, hydraulic breakers must be the most versatile. Hydraulic breakers are used on construction sites for housing and road construction. They  beat the older versions i...Read more »

  • Jiwei Autumn Team Building Activities
    Post time: Oct-21-2022

    Yantai Jiwei mainly produces hydraulic breakers, excavator grapple,quick hitch,excavator ripper,excavator buckets,we rank among the best in dustry.In order to regularly enhance the company’s team cohesion and speed up the integration of new and old employees, Yantai Jiwei regularly organize...Read more »

  • what is the advantage of eagle shears?
    Post time: Oct-16-2022

    Eagle shear belongs to the excavator demolition attachment and demolition equipment, and is usually installed at the front end of the excavator.   The application industry of eagle shears: ◆Scrap steel processing enterprises ◆Auto dismantling plant ◆Removal of steel structure workshop ◆ Sh...Read more »

  • Soosan sb50/60/81 hydraulic rock breaker packing
    Post time: Sep-28-2022

    About us Established in 2009, Yantai jiwei has become an outstanding manufacturer of Hydraulic Hammer&Breaker, quick coupler,hydraulic shear ,hydraulic compactor,ripper excavator attachments,with more than 10 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and selling.we are well known f...Read more »

  • HMB Hydraulic Breakers Trouble Shooting and Solution
    Post time: Aug-18-2022

    This guide has been prepared to aid the operator to locate the problem cause and then remedy when trouble has occurred. If trouble has been caused, obtain details as following checkpoints and contact your local service distributor. CheckPoint  (Cause) Remedy 1. Spool stroke is insuffi...Read more »

  • Why is the hydraulic breaker piston pulled?
    Post time: Aug-02-2022

    1. The hydraulic oil is not clean If impurities are mixed in the oil, these impurities can cause strain when they are embedded in the gap between the piston and the cylinder. This kind of strain has the following characteristics: generally there are groove marks more than 0.1mm deep, the number i...Read more »

  • Why is hydraulic oil black?
    Post time: Jul-23-2022

    1、 Caused by metal impurities A. It is most likely to be the abrasive debris generated by the high-speed rotation of the pump. You must consider all the components that rotate with the pump, such as the wear of bearings and volume cha...Read more »

  • How to adjust the hydraulic breaker?
    Post time: Jul-19-2022

    How to adjust the hydraulic breaker? The hydraulic breaker is designed to adjust the bpm (beats per minute) by changing the piston stroke while keeping the working pressure and fuel consumption constant, so that the hydraulic breaker can be widely used. However, as the b...Read more »

  • How to quickly change excavator attachments with a quick hitch?
    Post time: Jul-06-2022

    In the case of frequent replacement of excavator attachments, the operator can use the hydraulic quick coupler to quickly switch between the hydraulic breaker and the bucket. No need for manual insertion of bucket pins. Turning on the switch can be completed in ten seconds, saving time, effort, s...Read more »

  • Why the seal kits must be replaced every 500H?
    Post time: Jun-28-2022

    In hydraulic breaker hammer normal use, the seal kits must be replaced every 500H! However, many customers do not understand why they should do this. They think that as long as the hydraulic breaker hammer has no hydraulic oil leaking, there is no need to replace the sea...Read more »

  • How to select hydraulic breaker chisel tools?
    Post time: Jun-18-2022

    The chisel is wearing part of a hydraulic hammer breaker. The tip of chisel would be worn during the working process, it is mainly used in ore, roadbed, concrete, ship, slag, etc working site. It is necessary to pay attention to the daily maintenance,So the correct selection and use of chisel is...Read more »

  • How to keep breaker in rainy season ?
    Post time: Jun-11-2022

    New case: How to keep breaker in rainy season, here are some advice to follow:   1. Try to avoid putting the uncovered breaker outside, because the rain may enter into the front head which is unsealed. When the piston is pushed to the top of front head, the rain will enter into front head easily,...Read more »

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