• Cause Analysis of Piston Damage
    Post time: Mar-23-2023

    Regarding the hydraulic breaker, as we all know, the impact piston is indispensable in the list of the most core components. As for the failure of the piston, it is often the most, and generally causes serious failures, and the types of failures emerge in endlessly.Therefore, HMB has summarized s...Read more »

  • What is an Excavator Grapple?
    Post time: Mar-14-2023

    The excavator grapple is a kind of excavator attachment. In order to deal with different scenarios, excavator grapples are designed to easily help operators move waste, stones, wood and garbage, etc. Common types of excavator grapples include log grapple, orange peel grapple, bucket grapple, demo...Read more »

  • What is a tilt quick hitch?
    Post time: Mar-06-2023

    Jiwei Company have three quick coupler for you choose: 1)Hydraulic quick hitch coupler 2)Mechanical quick hitch coupler 3)Tilt quick hitch coupler HMB tilting quick hitch coupler can grab different kinds of attachments.The tilt quick hitch can not only quickly change attachments, but also oper...Read more »

  • Yantai Jiwei participated in the exhibition in Riyadh
    Post time: Feb-28-2023

    Yantai Jiwei Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. actively participated in the "BIG5 exhibition" held at Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center (RFECC) from February 18 to 21, 2023 in order to let new and old customers b...Read more »

  • what is hydraulic thumb or Mechanical thumb
    Post time: Feb-18-2023

    The versatility and ease of use that a clamp provides to an excavator operator is invaluable, increasing productivity and improving safety.The hydraulic thumb is easy to install and the angle can be adjusted according to needs. After the excavator completes the material...Read more »

  • HMB one-stop service expert
    Post time: Feb-14-2023

    Yantail Jiwei Constructon Machinery equipment Co.,Ltd which was etabished in 2009 and registered “HMB” brand in 2 0 1 1 is committed to the development, production,sales and service of hydraulic breaker and excavator attachment.All product’s quality are strictly under control from pro...Read more »

  • Today we’ll explore what a hydraulic plate compactor is and how it can make your project easier.
    Post time: Feb-02-2023

    Hydraulic plate compactor information introduction: The hydraulic plate compactor is composed of a hydraulic motor, an eccentric mechanism, and a  plate. The hydraulic ram uses the hydraulic motor to drive the eccentric mechanism to rotate, and the vibration generated by the rotation acts on the...Read more »

  • Happy New Year to all our customers and us
    Post time: Jan-13-2023

    Dear our customers: Happy New Year 2023 to you! Your every order was a wonderful experience for us in year 2022. Thank you so much for your support & generosity. Gave us the chance to do something for your project. We wish both business snowballing in the coming years. Yantai Jiwei has been ...Read more »

  • What Is Hydraulic Pulverizer?and How to Choose?
    Post time: Dec-23-2022

    What Is Hydraulic Pulverizer? The hydraulic pulverizer is one of the attachments for excavator. It can break concrete blocks, columns, etc…and then cut and collect the steel bars inside. Hydraulic pulverizer is widely used in the demolition of buildings, factory beams and columns, houses and ot...Read more »

  • HMB 180 Degree Hydraulic Tilt Rotator Quick Hitch Coupler for Excavator
    Post time: Dec-05-2022

    HMB Newly designed excavator tilt hitch makes your excavator attachments have instant tilt capability, which can be completely tilted 90 degrees in two directions, suitable for excavators from 0.8 tons to 25 tons. It can help customers realize the following applications: 1. Dig level foundation...Read more »

  • What! Loading and unloading wood, you don’t know the wood grapple!
    Post time: Nov-28-2022

    In order to meet the various working needs of the excavator, there are many types of excavator attachments,including:hydraulic breaker, hydraulic shear, vibratory plate compactor, quick hitch,wood grapple, etc.The wood grapple is one of the more commonly used ones.The hydraulic grapple,also known...Read more »

    Post time: Nov-23-2022

    Excavator hydraulic shears are widely used in steel structure demolition, scrap steel recycling, automobile dismantling and other industries.It is a wise choice to choose the appropriate hydraulic shear according to your own working conditions. However,there are many typ...Read more »

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