what is the advantage of eagle shears?

Eagle shear belongs to the excavator demolition attachment and demolition equipment, and is usually installed at the front end of the excavator.




The application industry of eagle shears:

◆Scrap steel processing enterprises

◆Auto dismantling plant

◆Removal of steel structure workshop

◆ Ship Recycling Yard



Chemical plant dismantling, cement plant dismantling, iron and steel plant dismantling, automobile recycling companies, renewable resource recycling companies, environmental dismantling, scrap steel recycling stations;

what are the advantages of eagle shears?


The Hardox500 steel plate imported from Sweden is used, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, low-temperature resistant and high-temperature resistant; the blade is made of wear-resistant alloy steel, which is resistant to high temperature and deformation.

High-power high-pressure oil cylinder

The high-pressure oil cylinder of the eagle shears adopts the rolling process, the straightness and accuracy are greatly improved than that of the honing tube, and the surface hardness is higher than that of the honing tube, which improves the service life.


Speed up valve

The speed-increasing valve is related to the shearing speed of the eagleshears. With it, the scissors can be protected, the opening and closing time can be reduced, the shearing speed is accelerated and the shearing force is increased, and the penetration force is increased by at least 30%, which effectively improves the The efficiency of construction workers.

Rotary Motor

The rotating disc of the tailstock can be rotated 360 degrees, cutting steel and other materials without much effort. The rotating disc also has a reduction box, which can protect the motor and make the rotation play a stable role.

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