What Is Hydraulic Pulverizer?and How to Choose?

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What Is Hydraulic Pulverizer?

The hydraulic pulverizer is one of the attachments for excavator. It can break concrete blocks, columns, etc…and then cut and collect the steel bars inside.

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Hydraulic pulverizer is widely used in the demolition of buildings, factory beams and columns, houses and other constructions, steel bar recycling, concrete crushing and other working conditions, due to their characteristics of no vibration, low dust, low noise, high efficiency, and low crushing cost. Its working efficiency is two to three times that of the hydraulic breaker hammer.

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Advantages Of HMB Hydraulic Demolition Pulverizers

Pulverizing tooth: On the outer end of the jaw for high productivity during the pulverizing job.

Trunnion type cylinder: For maximum breakout force throughout jaw-closing motion as opening motion.

Reversible rectangular blades For lower maintenance cost.

Hardened teeth: High spec. materials for enhanced durability.

Speed Valve: Delivering more braking power and efficiency.

How Do Hydraulic Pulverizers Improve Work Efficiency?

Driven by hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pulverize achieves the purpose of crushing objects by controlling the angle between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw.

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HMB hydraulic pulverizer uses the speed-increasing valve to hydraulically return the oil in the rod cavity of the oil cylinder to the rodless cavity and then increase the speed when the hydraulic cylinder extends outwards, reduce time spent on empty stroke. While keeping the thrust of the oil cylinder unchanged, the operating speed of the oil cylinder is increased and then the working efficiency of hydraulic pulverizer is improved.

What Size Excavator Do I Have?

A key factor is your excavator weight and hydraulic requirements. You need to choose a pulverizer that fits your excavator or buy an excavator that fits the pulverizer.

Pulverizer and excavator size depend on the type of work you do and the material you need to handle with. The larger the material you need to grab and crush, the larger the size of your hydraulic pulverizer and excavator.

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