Why does the breaker oil seal leak oil

After customers purchase hydraulic breakers, they often encounter the problem of oil seal leakage during use. Oil seal leakage is divided into two situations

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The first situation: check that the seal is normal

1.1 Oil leaks at low pressure, but does not leak at high pressure. Reason: poor surface roughness,—–Improve surface roughness and use seals with lower hardness
1.2 The oil ring of the piston rod becomes larger, and a few drops of oil will drop every time it runs. The reason: the lip of the dust ring scrapes off the oil film and the type of the dust ring needs to be replaced.
1.3 Oil leaks at low temperatures and no oil leaks at high temperatures. Reasons: The eccentricity is too large, and the material of the seal is incorrect. Use cold-resistant seals.

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The second case: the seal is abnormal

2.1 The surface of the main oil seal is hardened, and the sliding surface is cracked; the reason is abnormally high-speed operation and excessive pressure.
2.2 The surface of the main oil seal is hardened, and the oil seal of the entire seal is ruptured; the reason is the deterioration of the hydraulic oil, the abnormal increase in oil temperature produces ozone, which damages the seal and causes oil leakage.
2.3 The abrasion of the main oil seal surface is as smooth as a mirror; the reason is the small stroke.
2.4 Mirror wear on the surface of the main oil seal is not uniform. The seal has swelling phenomenon; the reason is that the side pressure is too large and the eccentricity is too large, improper oil and cleaning fluid are used.
2.5 There are damages and wear marks on the sliding surface of the main oil seal; the reason is poor electroplating, rusty spots, and rough mating surfaces. The piston rod has improper materials and contains impurities.
2.6 There is a rupture scar and indentation on the top of the main oil seal lip; the reason is improper installation and storage. ,
2.7 There are indentations on the sliding surface of the main oil seal; the reason is that foreign debris is hidden.
2.8 There are cracks in the lip of the main oil seal; the reason is improper use of oil, the working temperature is too high or low, the back pressure is too high, and the pulse pressure frequency is too high.
2.9 The main oil seal is carbonized and burnt and deteriorated; the reason is that residual air causes adiabatic compression.
2.10 There are cracks in the heel of the main oil seal; the reason is excessive pressure, excessive extrusion gap, excessive use of the supporting ring, and unreasonable design of the installation groove.

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At the same time, it is also recommended that our customers, regardless of normal or abnormal oil seals, must replace the oil seals in time when using 500H, otherwise it will cause early damage to the piston and cylinder and other parts. Because the oil seal is not replaced in time, and the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil is not up to standard, if it continues to be used, it will cause a major failure of “cylinder pulling”.

Post time: Jul-01-2021