The importance of preheating the hydraulic breaker before use

The importance of preheating the hydraulic breaker before use

In the process of communicating with customers, in order to maintain the hydraulic rock breaker well, it is required to preheat the machine before starting to crush with hydraulic concrete breaker, especially during the construction period, and this step cannot be ignored in winter. However, many construction workers think that this step is unnecessary and time-consuming. Hydraulic breaker hammer can be used without preheating, and there is a warranty period. Because of this psychology, many parts of jack hammer hydraulic breaker are worn out, damaged, and loses work efficiency. Let us emphasize the necessity of preheating before use.

This is determined by the characteristics of the breaker itself. The breaking hammer has high impact force and high frequency, and it wears out sealing parts much faster than other hammers. The engine warms up all parts of the engine slowly and evenly to reach the normal working temperature, which can slow down the process of oil seal wear.

Because when the breaker is parked, the hydraulic oil from the upper part will flow to the lower part. When starting to use it, use a small throttle to operate. After the oil film of the piston cylinder of the breaker is formed, use the medium throttle to operate, which can protect the hydraulic system of the excavator.

When the breaker starts to break, it is not preheated in advance and is in a cold state. Sudden start, thermal expansion and contraction will cause great damage to the oil seal. Coupled with the fast frequency conversion action, it is easy to cause oil seal leakage and frequent oil seal replacement. Therefore, not preheating the breaker is harmful to the customer.

The importance of preheating the hydraulic breaker before use1
The importance of preheating the hydraulic breaker before use2

Warm-up steps: lift hydraulic breaker vertically off the ground, step on the pedal valve for about 1/3 of the stroke, and observe the slight vibration of the main oil inlet pipe (the oil pipe near the side of the cab). When the weather is cold, the machine should be warmed up 10- After 20 minutes, increase the oil temperature to about 50-60 degrees before working. If the crushing operation is carried out at a low temperature, the internal parts of hydraulic breaker will be easily damaged.

Post time: Jul-03-2021