Should I buy a hydraulic breaker with an accumulator?

The accumulator is filled with nitrogen, which uses the hydraulic breaker to store the remaining energy and the energy of the piston recoil during the previous strike, and releases the energy at the same time during the second strike to increase the striking ability, usually at When the hammer itself cannot reach the impact energy, install an accumulator to increase the impact force of the crusher. Therefore, generally small ones do not have accumulators, and medium and large ones are equipped with accumulators.

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The difference with or without accumulator

The function of the breaker accumulator is to store the pressure oil in the hydraulic system and release it again when needed. It has a buffering effect and has advantages and disadvantages.

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There is no big difference when the hydraulic breaker hits the object continuously. Only when the hydraulic breaker hits the object one at a time, the strength of the blow will be greater. Now with the continuous advancement of the hydraulic breaker industry, no accumulator can fully meet the needs of customers. This is a good phenomenon, which shows that our hydraulic breakers are getting better and better. Due to the simpler structure, the failure rate is low. , The maintenance cost is low, but the striking ability is not inferior at all. Customers prefer to buy hydraulic breakers without accumulators to reduce costs and increase profits.

The nitrogen stored in the accumulator is also particular about it. For example, if the nitrogen is insufficient, it will lead to weak blows, cause damage to the cup, and troublesome maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended to use a nitrogen meter to measure the nitrogen before the hydraulic breaker is working. Volume, make a proper nitrogen reserve. Newly installed hydraulic breakers and repaired hydraulic breakers must be refilled with nitrogen when they are activated.

Post time: Jul-08-2021