characteristics of hydraulic plate compactor

The hydraulic vibratory compactor has large amplitude and high frequency. The exciting force is dozens of times that of the hand-held plate vibratory ram, and it has impact compaction efficiency. It is widely used for the compaction of various building foundations, various backfill foundations, roads, squares, pipelines, trenches, etc. and the repair of asphalt and concrete pavements. It is suitable for corners, trenches, slopes, pipe bottoms, pipe backfills, foundation pit backfills, port and wharf underwater compaction and bridge abutment backfill compaction. It is suitable for use with vibratory rollers to handle corners, Abutment back and so on.


1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy to use.
2. High work efficiency, good compaction effect, and labor saving
3. The degree of compaction is equivalent to that of a large roller, and the depth of influence on the thick fill layer is better than that of a roller.
4. Environmentally friendly, low noise, does not affect the surrounding environment
5. It has a good tamping effect on non-sticky sandy gravel and crushed stone, and has an effect that other compactor cannot achieve.


Features of hydraulic compactor
1. The amplitude is large, which is more than ten times to several tens of times that of the vibrating plate compactor. The high frequency impact ensures the compaction effect.
2The hydraulic vibration motor is imported, with low noise and strong durability.
3. The key parts are made of high-strength plates and high-wear plates with high quality.
4. The versatility between vibratory rammer and breaker is very high. The connecting frame and hydraulic pipeline can be exchanged with the breaker, and 5 types of hydraulic compactor can be equipped with various types of excavators.
5. Flexible operation, high safety, suitable for many dangerous occasions, such as deep trench or steep slope hydraulic ramming can complete the job perfectly.

Post time: Jun-26-2021