What is the cause of abnormal vibration of hydraulic breaker?

      We often hear our operators joking that they feel trembling all the time during operation, and feel that the whole person is going to shake apart. Although it is a joke, it also exposes the problem of abnormal vibration of the hydraulic breaker sometimes. , Then what is causing this, let me answer you one by one.

abnormal vibration

1. The tail of the drill rod is too long

If the tail of the drill rod is too long, the movement distance will be shortened. In addition, when the piston is inertial downwards, the drill rod will perform abnormal work when it is hit, causing the drill rod to rebound, causing the energy of the piston to work not to be released, resulting in a counter-effect. It will feel abnormal vibration, which can cause damage and other phenomena.

2. The reversing valve is inappropriate

    Sometimes I found that I checked all the parts but found that there was no problem, and after replacing the reversing valve, it was found to be in normal use. When the replaced reversing valve is installed on other breakers, it can also work normally. See here Are you very confused? In fact, after careful analysis, we found that when the reversing valve does not match the middle cylinder block, the screw will break, and other failures also occur from time to time. When the reversing valve matches the middle cylinder block, no abnormalities occur. If there is no problem, you can check whether it is a problem with the reversing valve.

3. accumulator pressure is not enough or the cup is broken

    When the pressure of the accumulator is insufficient or the cup is broken, it will also cause abnormal vibration of the hydraulic breaker. When the inner cavity of the accumulator is broken due to the cup, the pressure of the accumulator will be insufficient, and it will lose the function of absorbing vibration and collecting energy. Reaction on the excavator, causing abnormal vibration

accumulator pressure

4. Excessive wear of the front and rear bushings

    Excessive wear of the front and rear bushings will cause the drill rod to get stuck or even rebound, resulting in abnormal vibration

Post time: May-22-2021