The importance of hydraulic oil to hydraulic breakers

The power source of the hydraulic breaker is the pressure oil provided by the pumping station of the excavator or loader. It can more effectively clean the floating stones and the soil in the cracks of the rock in the role of excavating the foundation of the building. Today I will give you a brief introduction. Said hydraulic breaker’s working oil.

news610 (2)Normally, the hydraulic oil replacement cycle of an excavator is 2000 hours, and the manuals of many breakers suggest that the hydraulic oil should be replaced in 800-1000 hours. Why?

news610 (4)Because even when the excavator is under full load, the cylinders of the large, medium and small arms can be extended and retracted up to 20-40 times, so the impact on the hydraulic oil will be much smaller, and once hydraulic breaker works, the number of work per minute is at least It is 50-100 times. Due to repeated motion and high friction, the damage to the hydraulic oil is very large. It will accelerate the wear and make the hydraulic oil lose its kinematic viscosity and make the hydraulic oil ineffective. The failed hydraulic oil may still look normal to the naked eye. Light yellow (discoloration due to oil seal wear and high temperature), but it has failed to protect the hydraulic system.

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Why do we often say that breakering waste cars? large and small arm damage is one aspect, the most important thing is the hydraulic pressure System damage, but many of our car owners may not care very much, thinking that the color looks normal to indicate that there is no problem. This understanding is wrong. We generally recommend that the replacement time of hydraulic oil in excavators that do not frequently hammer is 1500-1800 hours. The replacement time of hydraulic oil for excavators that frequently hammers is 1000-1200 hours, and the replacement time for excavators that have been hammered is 800-1000 hours.

1. hydraulic breaker uses the same working oil as the excavator.

2. When hydraulic breaker continues to work, the oil temperature will rise, please check the oil viscosity at this time.

3. If the viscosity of the working oil is too high, it will cause unsmooth operation, irregular blows, cavitation in the working pump, and adhesion of large valves.

4. If the viscosity of the working oil is too thin, it will cause internal leakage and reduce work efficiency, and the oil seal and gasket will be damaged due to high temperature.

5. During the working period of hydraulic breaker, the working oil should be added before the bucket is working, because the oil with impurities will cause the hydraulic components, hydraulic breaker and the excavator to work out of adjustment and reduce the work efficiency.

Post time: Jun-10-2021