One excavator for multiple uses

Is your excavator only used for digging, a variety of different attachments can improve the function of the excavator, let’s take a look at which attachments are available!

1. quick hitch

quick hitch for excavators are also called quick-change connectors and quick coupler. The quick hitch can quickly install and switch various configuration parts (bucket, ripper, breaker, hydraulic shear, etc.) on the excavator, which can expand the scope of use of the excavator, save time and improve work efficiency. Generally, it takes no more than 30 seconds for a skilled operator to switch equipment.


2. hydraulic breaker

Breaking hammer is one of the most commonly used attachments for excavators. It is used in demolition, mines, urban construction, concrete crushing, water, electricity, gas engineering construction, old city reconstruction, new rural construction, old building demolition, highway repair, cement road surface broken.Crushing operations are often required in the medium.




3. hydraulic Grab

Grabs are divided into wooden grabs, stone grabs, enhanced grabs, Japanese grabs, and thumb grab. Log grabs are divided into hydraulic log grabs and mechanical log grabs, and hydraulic log grabs are divided into hydraulic rotary log grabs and fixed log grabs. After the redesign and modification of the claws, the wood grab can be used to grab stones and scrap steel. It is mainly used to grab wood and bamboo. The loading and unloading truck is very fast and convenient.

4 hydraulic compactor 

It is used to compact the ground (planes, slopes, steps, grooves, pits, corners, abutment backs, etc.), road, municipal, telecommunications, gas, water supply, railway and other engineering foundations and trench backfilling operations.


5 Ripper

It is mainly used for hard soil and rock or fragile rocks. After crushing, it is loaded with a bucket 


6 earth auger

It is mainly used for drilling and digging deep pits such as tree planting and telephone poles. It is an efficient digging tool for digging holes. The motor-driven head is matched with various drill rods and tools to realize multiple functions in one machine, which is more efficient than digging with a bucket, and backfilling is also faster.


7 excavator bucket

With the continuous extension of excavator attachments, excavators have also been given different functions. Different buckets are used in different scenarios. Buckets are divided into standard buckets, reinforced buckets, rock buckets, mud buckets, tilt buckets, shell buckets, and four-in-one buckets.


8. Hydraulic shears, hydraulic pulverizer

Hydraulic shears are suitable for cutting and recycling operations such as demolition sites, steel bar shearing and recycling, and scrap car steel. The main body of the double oil cylinder is equipped with a variety of jaws with different structures, which can realize various functions such as separation, shearing, and cutting during the demolition process, which makes the demolition work more efficient. The work efficiency is high, the operation is completely mechanized, safe and time-saving.

hydraulic pulverizer: crush concrete and cut off exposed steel bars.



Post time: Jun-05-2021