How to use the hydraulic breaker on the mini excavator?

Recently, mini excavators are very popular. Mini excavators generally refer to excavators with a weight of less than 4 tons. They are small in size and can be used in elevators. They are often used for breaking indoor floors or dismantling walls. How to use the hydraulic breaker installed on the small excavator?

The micro-excavator breaker uses the high-speed rotation of the hydraulic motor to cause the breaker to produce high-frequency impacts to achieve the purpose of crushing objects. Reasonable use of breaking hammers can not only improve construction efficiency, but also extend service life.


1. When operating the breaker, make the drill rod and the object to be broken at a 90°angle.
Tilting operation of the drill rod and the inner and outer jacket friction is serious, accelerates the wear of the inner and outer jacket, the internal piston is deflected, and the piston and the cylinder block are severely strained.

2.Do not use drill rods to pry open materials.

Frequent use of the drill rod to pry the material can easily cause the drill rod to be skewed in the bushing, resulting in excessive wear of the bushing, reducing the service life of the drill rod, or directly causing the drill rod to break.

3.15 seconds running time

The maximum time of each operation of the hydraulic breaker is 15 seconds, and it restarts after a pause.


4 Do not operate the breaker with the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder fully extended or fully retracted to avoid excessive wear of the drill rod.

5 In order to ensure safety, the operating range of the breaker must be between the crawlers. It is forbidden to operate the breaker on the side of the crawler of the mini excavator.

6 According to different construction projects, the mini excavator must choose the appropriate drill rod type to better maximize the production efficiency.


Post time: May-31-2021