How to choose a high-quality excavator ripper?


1.What is an excavator ripper?

2. what circumstances should excavator ripper be used? ,

3.Why is it designed to be curved?

4.Who is popular with excavator ripper?

5.How does the excavator ripper work?

6.What makes the excavator ripper different?

7.Excavator ripper application range

8.What should I pay attention to when buying?

9.How to inspect the material?

10.Recommendations for using excavator ripper

.Final thoughts

What is an excavator ripper?

Ripper is a welded structural part, also known as tail hook. It is composed of the main board, ear board, ear seat board, bucket ear, bucket teeth, reinforcement board and other components. Some of them will also add a spring steel or guard board in front of the main board to increase the wear resistance of the main board.

what circumstances should excavator ripper be used?

The ripper is a variable working device with crushing and soil loosening functions. When some land is severely weathered and cannot be fixed with a bucket, a ripper is needed.

Why is it designed to be curved?

Because the arc is not easy to deform under the action of external force, the arc is stable. It can be seen that the roofs of many European buildings are like this. At the same time, because the tooth tip and the main board are arc-shaped, it is easier for the bucket teeth to be introduced into the main board and enter the ground for destruction. .

Who is popular with excavator ripper?

The excavator ripper can easily cut down trees and bushes, and can also remove large and small tree stumps. It is good at tearing various items such as barbed wire that are difficult to remove. It is a tool that owners like very much.


How does the excavator ripper work?

They work in roughly the same way as any other type of excavator. But when some land is severely weathered and cannot be fixed with a bucket, a ripper is needed. For example, the power of ordinary excavators is enough to remove most objects, but they usually encounter the problem of too large or heavy obstacles.


The ripper is mounted on a special accessory that always has two contact points. These two points allow you to easily pass almost any obstacle, no matter how big or heavy.

What makes the excavator ripper different?

The difference is that the uppermost arm of the ripper has a special tool that can grab and tear everything.

The arm is usually shaped like a claw at the end of an excavator bucket. It can tear almost any object in its path.

Excavator ripper application range


It is ideal for demolishing larger objects, including land blocked by tree stumps or old barbed wire. It is used for excavating cracked rocks, breaking frozen soil, and also for digging asphalt roads. It is suitable for the crushing and splitting of hard soil, sub-hard rock and weathered rock, so as to facilitate excavation and loading operations with a bucket. It is even more effective than some devices when clearing small obstacles. For example, excavators or backhoes with bulldozer blades.

What should I pay attention to when buying?

When buying, pay attention to the materials first. The general ripper main board, ear plate, and seat ear plate are Q345 manganese plates. The effect and life span of ripper of different materials will vary a lot.

How to inspect the material?

The teeth of a good ripper should be rock-shaped, and the tip of the tooth is relatively sharper than that of the earth-moving bucket. The advantage of the rock-shaped tooth is that it is not easy to wear.

Finally, confirm the installation dimensions when ordering, that is, the diameter of the pin, the center distance between the forearm head and the earmuffs. The installation dimensions of the ripper are the same as the bucket.

Recommendations for using excavator ripper

When using the ripper, be sure to read the manual provided to you first. Note that the ripper should be used within the weight and size limits that you can tear apart, so that there will be no major danger.

Final thoughts

In general, the ripper is a very useful equipment, especially when clearing large areas of land, it will come in handy, as long as you understand the content mentioned above, you will be successful!

Post time: Sep-06-2021