2021 Yantai Jiwei’s team spirit and company culture

In order to relax the body and mind of all the employees of Jiwei, Yantai Jiwei specially organized this team building activity, and set up a number of fun group projects with the theme of “Go Together, Same Dream”-first of all, the promotion of “Climbing the Mountain, Checking in for Treasures” Organizational communication between teams finally stimulates team communication potential with “breathing power”.


Divide all employees into four teams, each think about their team name and slogan, take each team’s task card, and start the mountain climbing journey, from the bottom of the mountain to the end point, a total of 5 kilometers, some people want to give up because of the steepness. Some people want to give up because of lack of physical strength, but everyone will worry about each other without giving up. Instead, they will encourage each other. Persistence is victory. In the end, everyone successfully completed the task, enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way, and took beautiful group photos. , In the true sense, we have achieved peers and same strength.


After eating the perfect lunch, start the team building game. The trainer divides all the trainees into three groups: “Leadership Group”, “Command Group”, and “Executive Group”. The team describes the content of this drawing. This tests whether the leadership team can clearly express the structure of the drawing. The command team is responsible for communicating the intentions of the leadership team. This tests the communication ability of the command team. The executive team operates according to the understanding intentions. Framework, after several rounds of communication, their teams have successfully built ventilators, and successfully blasted balloons one after another, feeling the power of breathing. Finally, after summarizing and sharing, we found that the successful team was first confirmed. The number of materials and the grouping of the materials are transferred to the command team. The command team confirms with the leadership team. In the next step, the command team continuously confirms the meaning of the leadership team and communicates it to the executive team to check whether it is correct. The team will have inconsistencies between the information delivered by the command team and the execution team. This means that you don’t think you have conveyed it clearly. The employees at the bottom can clearly understand what you mean, and you should always confirm whether the employees underneath are doing the right thing. The leadership team also thinks that their meaning is very clear, but in reality they are not. 


This shows that in their work, leaders must understand the middle management better and give the middle management more opportunities for fault tolerance.


This team building activity gave us a lot of gains. Not only did we relax our mind and body, but also experienced a lot of insights that we could not experience at work. In the future work process, we will pay more attention to the role of communication and understand the management’s better. Not easy, it will give employees more opportunities for fault tolerance. This team building activity has further enhanced team cohesion, fully tapped the potential of employees, enhanced understanding between teams, and enhanced the spirit of harmony, friendship, unity and cooperation between teams , To shorten the distance between employees, which is conducive to further promoting the development of the company’s future team.

Post time: May-31-2021