Why is the hydraulic breaker piston pulled?

1. The hydraulic oil is not clean

If impurities are mixed in the oil, these impurities can cause strain when they are embedded in the gap between the piston and the cylinder. This kind of strain has the following characteristics: generally there are groove marks more than 0.1mm deep, the number is small, and its length is approximately equal to the stroke of the piston


2. The gap between the piston and the cylinder is too small

This situation often occurs when the new piston is replaced. If the clearance is too small, the hydraulic hammer is working, and the clearance changes with the increase of the oil temperature. At this time, the piston and the cylinder block are easy to cause strain. It is characterized by: the depth of the pull mark is shallow, the area is large, and its length is approximately equal to the stroke of the piston.

3. Low hardness value of piston and cylinder

The piston is affected by external force during movement, and due to the low hardness of the surface of the piston and the cylinder, it is easy to cause strain. Its characteristics are: shallow depth and large area.


4. Drill chisel guide sleeve failure

Poor lubrication of the guide sleeve or poor wear resistance of the guide sleeve will accelerate the wear of the guide sleeve, and the gap between the drill chisel and the guide sleeve is sometimes more than 10mm. This will lead to piston strain.

HMB Hydraulic Hammer Piston Use Precautions
1.If the cylinder is damaged, install the piston very carefully to avoid secondary damage.
2.Don’t install the piston if the inner bushing gap is too large.
3.Please make sure to keep the breaker from corrosion and rust if long time no use hydraulic hammer.
4.Don’t use inferior oil seal kits.
5.Keep the hydraulic oil clean.

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