How to choose a high-quality excavator grapple?

1.What is an excavator wood grapple ?
2. The main features of the wood grapple? ,
3.What are the main applications of the wood grapple ?
4.How to install the excavator grab
5. there are some precautions to be aware of when using the wood grapple
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What is excavator wood grapple?
The grapple of the wood is one of the excavator working devices, and the wood grapple is one of the excavator workfinder accessories that is independently designed, developed and manufactured for the specific work needs of excavators.
1. The rotary wood grapple is made of special steel, which is light in texture, has high elasticity, and has high wear resistance.
3. Long service life, high stability, high efficiency, prolong the life of the product and reduce maintenance costs.
4. The maximum opening width, minimum weight and maximum performance of the same level; in order to strengthen the strength, a special large-capacity oil cylinder is used.
5. The operator can control the rotation speed, and can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise 360 degrees freely.
  What are the main applications of the wood grapple ?
The wood grapple is mainly used for loading, unloading and transporting stones, wood, scrap iron and steel, etc. excavator accessories. 
The correct installation of equipment can ensure the normal use in the later period.
How to install the excavator grab?

1. Please correctly select the wood grapple that matches your car model and job needs
2. Connect the grapple to the excavator.
3. When installing the hydraulic pipeline of the wood grapple, start to fix the front end of the forearm of the pipe route used by the log grapple. After leaving a movement margin, bind it firmly with the forearm and big arm of the excavator. Then choose a reasonable orientation of the double valve to connect with the excavator, and fasten the wood grapple pipeline to it, and the oil in and out is led out from the spare valve of the excavator to fasten it.
4. When installing the pilot circuit of the wood grapple, first choose a reasonable position to fix the foot valve in the cab; then connect the inlet and outlet oil of the foot valve with the pilot oil. There are two oil ports beside the foot valve, the upper is the return The oil intake is under the oil, and the signal oil control requires three shuttle valves to control the standby valve together.
5. After the wood grapple is installed, please check the joints of the pipelines. If there is no loose or faulty link, you can start the test.
6. After starting the car, there is black smoke and the car is holding back. Please check whether the oil circuit is connected incorrectly.
7. Lubricating grease should be added to the wood grapple when in use, and then refilled once every shift to extend the service life. Overload use and strong impact are strictly prohibited.
Timber grapple is a kind of accessories of excavator working device. Timber grapple is developed and designed for the specific work requirements of excavators. In addition to mastering the correct usage method,
 there are some precautions to be aware of when using the wood grapple:
 1. When it is necessary to use a grab for building demolition work, the demolition work should start from the height of the building, otherwise the building is in danger of collapsing at any time.
 2. Don't use the tongs to hit hard objects such as stones, wood, steel, etc., like a hammer.
3. Under no circumstances should the gripper be used as a lever, otherwise it will deform the gripper or even seriously damage the gripper.
4. It is forbidden to use grabs to pull heavy objects. This will cause serious damage to the grabs, and may also cause the excavator to become unbalanced and cause accidents.
5. It is forbidden to push and pull with grabbers
6. Make sure that there are no high-voltage transmission lines in the working environment, and they are not close to
7. Adjust the gripper of the wood grapple and the excavator arm to keep it in a vertical position. Do not extend the boom to the limit when the gripper clamps a rock or other object, or it will cause the excavator to overturn instantly.

Post time: Sep-11-2021